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A cutting-edge platform seamlessly integrating sales, operations, and distribution management to unify the travel industry.

Hotel Website

Hotel Website

Create your website with a booking engine. Start accepting online bookings and payments.

Metasearch I Direct Plus

Metasearch I Direct Plus

Bring out the full potential of your property’s direct revenue with HotelRunner Direct Plus.

Booking Engine

Booking Engine

Accept direct bookings and receive online payments from your website easily and own your guest relations from the beginning.

Rate Intelligence

Rate Intelligence

Get all the information you need to analyze the market, compare your rates with competing hotels to build smarter pricing strategies.

Channel Manager

Channel Manager

Manage your sales channels easily with two-way connectivity and feed all your channels simultaneously.

Business Intelligence & Insights

Business Intelligence & Insights

Make smarter business decisions and realize your property’s true potential.

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Free/for life

Accept online bookings in one language and synch up to 10 channels.


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Digitally transform your business with seamless automated, AI and advanced reporting platform. 

Amazi Premium

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Distribute creative content, adaptive sales strategies and adapt an open distribution.

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"Implementing HotelRunner has transformed our booking management process. With its real-time inventory updates and automated reservation processing, we've streamlined our operations and saved countless hours of manual work. It's a game-changer for any hotel!"


General Manager

"We love how customizable HotelRunner is to meet our unique needs and preferences. Its customizable user interfaces, configurable workflows, and flexible feature options allow us to tailor the software to suit our specific requirements. It's like having a solution built just for us!"


General Manager

"We were impressed by how seamlessly HotelRunner integrated with our existing systems. Its compatibility with our PMS, OTAs, and payment gateways ensured a smooth transition, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency. It's truly a versatile solution for hoteliers."



"Thanks to HotelRunner, we've taken our guest communication and engagement to the next level. Its automated messaging and customized offers have enhanced the guest experience, fostering loyalty and satisfaction. Our guests feel valued and appreciated, and it's reflected in their feedback!"


Marketing specialist

"Managing our hotel chain distribution has never been easier since we started using HotelRunner. Its centralized control and visibility across all properties have simplified our operations, allowing us to maintain brand consistency and deliver exceptional service at every location. It's the backbone of our success!"



"We can't say enough about the revenue optimization capabilities of HotelRunner. Its robust analytics and reporting tools have empowered us to make data-driven decisions, resulting in optimized pricing strategies and increased revenue. It's a must-have for any hotel looking to stay ahead in the competitive market."


Revenue Manager

"The support and training provided by Hospitality Web Services team have been exceptional. From one-on-one training sessions to online tutorials, they've been with us every step of the way, ensuring we get the most out of the software. Their dedication to customer success is unmatched!"


Deputy General Manager

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Still have questions?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team!

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