Our Mission

Our aim is to offer our experience, knowledge and network to the travel and tech sector in Africa, which means :

– helping African hoteliers to drive their digital transformation getting access to technology which is relevant, affordable and adapted to the African market. 

– helping them to increase their online visibility and grow their online business share through new partnerships and best practices

– helping tech companies to distribute their products in the continent 

Despite being challenging, Africa is full of opportunities, 

We have a solution for all of you

We offer services, products, local presence to better manage your property, to market your solution or get access to more direct product 


Hotels, Guest Houses...

Looking for new technologies to boost your online visibility, to facilitate you accessing new markets and find the right partner to help your grow your revenue


OTAs, Travel Agencies...

Having direct contracts vs 3rd party can make a huge difference for your agency but the challenge is to penetrate markets like Africa, where network and building relationships is key to go fast. We have built this network for more than 15 years. 

tech company

Tourism Tech Company

You have a great product or solution, you don´t have a salesforce allowing you to focus on many countries. Having a local partner to distribute it in Africa can make a difference, and this is where we can help you market those products.