We acquire properties for your OTA or Travel Agency

Increase your portfolio of direct partners

Looking for direct hotel contract, Hospitality Web Services have thousands of contacts in Africa to help you grow your portfolio. Tell us WHAT you need (4-5*, All In, Lodges, Riads, Boutique, Chains…), WHERE (which countries) and HOW (contact, contract, onboarding…) and we bring it to you!

You just have to worry about selling the properties!

1. How we can help you adding properties?

We have been acquiring properties in Africa since 2005 and have been dealing with all the African countries and Indian Ocean islands.

We have direct contacts of most of the African chains and properties

2. Why outsourcing your acquisition

The challenges when acquiring properties on your own is finding the right contacts. Then it´s expensive to acquire between phone calls and trips in Africa. Having an answer from your emails can be also challenging.

We did it, We know how to manage these countries.

You save TIME & MONEY

Our process

Tailor-made Acquisition Model

You define the tasks you need us to manage. We can provide the contracting and signing only to the full management, getting the full content, promotions and ensuring the rate competitiveness.


Contracting & Signing

When you share your hotel wish list, we start our contracting process



We will go through the full process to get it live, for signing your online contracts to loading the content 



When using a channel manager, we assist the new property with the the connectivity set up so get access to real time inventory and rates 


Content & Pictures

Without the right content and pictures, your properties won´t produce, we will make sure they have the content on your system



Content is key to sell online, but Competitiveness is crucial. We make sure rates, inventory, policies and restrictions are competitive



We can assist your properties, train them on different topics from just the importance of having the right content to the practice of revenue management

Please fill in this form to have a better ideas of your needs and get back with a relevant offer

Most Frequent Questions

Once there´s some frequent questions, the best is to get in touch in order to agree on the right model depending on your agency or the country you need 

It depends on the country, however, in order for us to deploy our workforce, we need to have a request of a minimum of 100 properties. 

We have extended contacts in most of the African countries, from Morocco to South Africa, we can also cover the Indian Ocean islands like Madagascar or Mauritius.

The revenue share forces us to get the right content, rates and inventory, push for promotions, train the properties so you have a better product, You WIN, We WIN.

We place dedicated account managers locally based, close to the partners acquired

While the first 4 to 6 months we work hard on the contracting, training and education phases, the production starts after this period, reason why we look at 24 months minimum in case of revenue share

Our main task will be to contract and sign the properties. Once the hotel is live on your platform, you will take full ownership of the properties acquired

Acquisition Only in Morocco : 120€ per property (minimum 100 acquisition)

Acquisition Only in West Africa : 150€ per property (minimum 50 hotels)

Revenue Share : 2% of your commission for 2 years


We have a solution for you, hoteliers, OTAs, tech companies ​