Hospitality Web Services, your distributor to promote your service or product in Africa

What are you offering and where can we help?

You have any softwares or services for the hotel or tourism industry, and want to sell it in Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa or other African countries, we can offer our services as Distributor. We have the experience and network, travel often in most of the countries, we have existing partners and a database of thousands of hoteliers. 

Why should you go with a distributor rather than direct?

Working with a local distributor with in-depth knowledge of the market and the tourism industry and important contact and network is an effective decision to rapidly market your product or services to challenging countries like Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa…

Benefits for you

We are locally based – You save money, no need to spend in travel expenses

We have a portfolio of existing customers – You don´t waste time looking for customers

We invest in our own marketing – Once more You Save money

We know the markets – For You, if 1st time with Africa, it could be challenging 

We can collect money for you in some countries – Dealing with payment is also challenging (no direct debit, no credit card, expensive wire transfers)

Some of our Hotel Technology Partners


Hotel Runner is a cloud based online sales management and digital marketing platform. At the same time it is a marketplace that brings hotels, travel agencies and service providers together.


The Smart Marketing Assistant For Hotels. Userguest provides your hotel with technology, marketing tools and data-driven smart recommendations to maximize your website’s revenue.



IDeaS has been an industry trailblazer for decades, transforming hotel profitability and performance by delivering increasingly powerful innovations. We offer a modern technology framework for revenue optimization and productivity improvement.



OTA Insight

Unlimited, Real-Time Access To Current, Future & Past Rates For You & Your Competitors. Try Our Leading Data Intelligence Platform & Make Smarter Revenue & Distribution Decisions. Anomaly Detection. User-Friendly Dashboard. Pinpoint Room Demand.


TrustYou, helps customers understand, collect, and share feedback through the power of listening. When companies listen to feedback, they earn trust, make better decisions, and ultimately, win.

The Hotel Network

Predictive Personalisation to get more direct bookings and revenue. Apply machine learning techniques to better understand user behavior and personalize the hotel website experience for each visitor with the strongest messaging and offer.

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